Who Is Tobi Brown?

Tobi Brown uses her natural creativity, love of storytelling, and over 15 years of analytical, business and event management experience to help people at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey to create and grow soulful businesses. 


These businesses empower entrepreneurs to occupy the space in the marketplace and the world where they are meant to be as they serve their ideal clients.


Through her consulting services, Tobi is committed to empowering entrepreneurs to create Great Stories, Big Impact, and Strong Connections. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent over decade working in industry affairs for the cable industry, where one of her responsibilities (as a self-proclaimed “data nerd”) was helping trade show executives to better understand and connect with current and prospective attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. 


Tobi currently support a roster of clients including influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, executives, and small teams.

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