My Story, My Time Workshop: Part 1 – The Story You Tell Yourself

Real talk: The story that you’re telling yourself could be holding you back. I would still be tangled in the web of self-sabotaging chatter if I had not hired a coach several years ago. My coach was one of the keys to my personal transformation and the launch of my business.

Is This Not-So-Obvious Item On Your Entrepreneurial Checklist?

As a business owner, one of my most powerful realizations (to date) is that there are several not-so-obvious but super-important things that are critical to transitioning into the role of entrepreneur.  These are things that I did not learn in business school or in the many online courses and webinars that I have consumed over the last few years.  Today, let’s talk about the number one item on the list: mindset.

The Bullseye That Is Nostalgia & My Strong Connection with Target

Every story has a backdrop, and a certain retailer consistently has been a part of mine. I have loved going to Target since it first opened up on the outskirts of my hometown when I was a child. It was a magical place where my sister and I could spend our allowances on frozen Cokes, […]

My Story

Tobi Brown

My name is Tobi Brown, and I know personally how it feels to have a deep, intuitive sense that you are meant to be doing something other than whatever situation is currently getting all your time and energy. I also know that getting in alignment with what you truly feel reflects your gift/purpose/talent/passion starts with […]