What is stopping you from really showing up for your dreams?


Real talk: The story that you’re telling yourself could be holding you back. I would still be tangled in the web of self-sabotaging chatter if I had not hired a coach several years ago. My coach was one of the keys to my personal transformation and the launch of my business.

In my quest to empower people to live their dreams, I’m bringing my coach on the road with me. At the My Story, My Time Workshop Experience, we are creating a dream-nurturing liveevent for entrepreneurs and micro-influencers who are ready to play bigger. Ryane Danielle LeCesne will bring all her Transformational Mindset Coaching genius to the attendees of the Workshop.

We’ll be in #Houston on October 25th and 26th at Hotel Indigo. If you are feeling resistance in showing up for your dream, you could be battling a limiting belief or allowing F.E.A.R. to keep you playing safe and ignoring that persistent call to do something different. Are you ready for an internal shift that will empower you to really show up for your entrepreneurial dreams?

Learn more about how the My Story, My Time Workshop Experience can support your personal transformation and the story that you are telling yourself.  https://mystorymytimeworkshop.com


If you are not in the Houston area and would like to sponsor a My Story, My Time Workshop in your city, email the Curated Brilliance® Team at info@curatedbrilliance.com.

Stay tuned for the Part 2 – The Story You Tell Others.