My name is Tobi Brown, and I know personally how it feels to have a deep, intuitive sense that you are meant to be doing something other than whatever situation is currently getting all your time and energy. I also know that getting in alignment with what you truly feel reflects your gift/purpose/talent/passion starts with a decision…

I did not make a firm decision to finally pursue my dreams and to get back to my truest self until my story almost came to an abrupt end. I experienced a life-threatening allergic reaction while fulfilling some of my responsibilities at my former job. As my mind raced in what I thought were my last moments, I mourned the businesses I never started and the words I never made the time to write.

Regret wrapped around me like a heavy blanket and the idea of leaving planet Earth without expressing my gifts was the worst feeling that I have ever felt.

Surviving this experience allowed me to shift my perspective and to re-prioritize how I use my precious time and energy. I learned the importance of honoring my gifts, following my intuition, and showing up in life and in business how I am truly called to show up the hard way. Now, I have finally taken ownership of my own story.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a brush with death to realize that there is something greater and more fulfilling for you to do with your life.

I hope that my story will encourage you to believe in yourself, to create ways to live your truth, to express your gifts, and to be led by your intuition and your desire to serve others. That’s why I became an entrepreneur. I desire to maximize my ability to fully show up in life, to express all my gifts, and to help other people and businesses to make a bigger impact and stronger connections with the people whom they would love to serve with their gifts, products, and services.

Standing in the role of entrepreneur feels so right for me like it is meant to be. I am excited and grateful for this chapter of my great story. I am even more thrilled to learn more about your story and cheering you on as you create your own big impact in the world.