Explore Your Idea: A Workbook for New Entrepreneurs (Printable, 12 Pages)


If you struggle to explain your business idea in a way that concisely articulates the value that you add to the lives of your customers, this workbook is an effective place to start.  As a new entrepreneur, it is  tempting spend your own money on websites and marketing materials before you really understand your audience and your value proposition.  I know this from experience. I have learned from my mistakes, and now you do not have to make them.


Before you invest in a shiny website, a dozen software subscriptions, and high-end masterminds, spend some time completing the exercises in this workbook. You will reach a point of clarity about the unique value that your business brings to the lives of your customers. Understanding and articulating this value positions your business for success and allows you to maximize any future investments that you make in promoting and growing your business.